Shannon Cannings
Balance of Power
oil on canvas 
56" h x 40" w

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October 16 - November 20, 2010

Opening Reception: 
Saturday, October 16th 7-9 pm 

Featuring works by Emil Alzamora, Sasha Blanton, Jen Blazina, Jordan Eagles, Gwyneth Scally and Carlos Tarrats

Eschatology II is a continuation and adaptation of Positron’s show, Eschatology. Often in reference to the end of the world, the Oxford English Dictionary defines Eschatology as "concerned with ‘the four last things: death, judgment, heaven, and hell’". In Eschatology II, guest curator Cherí Landry invites you to explore this branch of theology through a selection of works by Emil Alzamora, Sasha Blanton, Jen Blazina, Jordan Eagles, Gwyneth Scally and Carlos Tarrats. The artists featured reside in New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Tucson and Los Angeles.

Landry has transformed a space full of colorful, explosive paintings and apocalyptic dioramas with her own interpretation of the theme. The room, now completely void of color except for occasional pops of blood red, takes on a more serious tone. There is a somber quietness to the paintings, sculptures and photographs that now adorn the gallery walls. Landry’s perspective focuses on mortality in both a physical and spiritual sense, while raising questions about existence and the mysterious after-life.  
Positron Gallery
210 W. Read Street
Baltimore, MD 20201

Open Saturdays 11-7 & by appointment.



September 30 - October 3, 2010  
Private Preview September 29, 6-9pm
7 W. 34th Street New York, NY  

Divergence Fine Art and artist Jen Blazina have been invited to display an installation at AAF NYC's first Fall fair. Bittersweet will be presented on a massive scale to an international audience. Across the street from the Empire State Building, approximately 1100 cast rubber lockets will adorn a 48 foot wall on the 11th floor of 7W New York. For complimentary entrance tickets, please email requests with names to info@divergencefineart.com.



Through the end of October, Cherí Landry of Divergence Fine Art will be conducting business along side Clark Priftis Art, a new gallery opening its doors on September 6th. She will have a selection of pieces from DFA artists on hand and is available for appointments at the Harbor East location. To request a viewing, please contact Cherí at 410-905-8344 or info@divergencefineart.com. Clark Priftis Art is located at 100 International Dr. Suite 101A, Baltimore MD 21202 (ground floor of the new Legg Mason building).


DFA Welcomes Emil Alzamora & Jordan Eagles

Divergence Fine Art is now a proud promoter of artists
EMIL ALZAMORA and JORDAN EAGLES, two exciting additions to an already stellar group of cutting-edge artists. 

Emil Alzamora was born in Lima, Peru 1975. He currently lives and works in Beacon, New York. Emil has produced and shown his work regularly throughout the United States and Europe. "The human form is a constant within my work. I am interested in exploring what it means to inhabit one, often exaggerating or distorting different aspects of the form to reveal an emotional or physical situation, or to tell a story about a predicament or an occurrence. The space between limitation and potential is as human as the flesh, yet hardly as tangible. In my works I strive to make visible this interaction."  View images of Emil's work and more...
New York City artist Jordan Eagles is sometimes referred to as the “Blood Artist,” but this oversimplifies the intricate and significant nature of his experimental works and self-invented process spanning over ten years.  Eagles’ unique pieces in bovine blood and acrylic resin produce a visceral impact that has been described as “immediate and unshakable” and “mysteriously beautiful” by the New York Times. Find out more about Jordan Eagles...


Reading Between the Lines

a selection of works by Matthew Kern


Sea The Sun, 2002, Polaroids & mixed media on panel, 28" x 28

Call 410.905.8344 for an appointment.

On view at RTKL Associates, Inc. through July 22. By appointment only.


DFA Installation Project @ AAF NYC

Just returned from a week in NYC where Divergence Fine Art was selected to present a special installation at this year's Affordable Art Fair. The project featured giant jellyfish sculptures by Gwyneth Scally accompanied by the hypnotic sounds and visuals in Laura McClanahan's latest video, "Hydrosis". While selling video art and gigantic jellyfish sculptures in a city already limited on space is quite a challenge, the installation added an exciting new element to this year's fair.



Submission deadline:  Midnight, Sunday, April 25, 2010
Event date: Saturday, May 22, 2010

Slideluck Potshow (SLPS) is a NYC-based arts non-profit that brings people together around food and art and has produced events in New York, London, São Paolo, Milan, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Chicago, Mexico City, Copenhagen, Washington DC, Toronto, Seville, Rome, Bogotá, Seattle, San Francisco, Madrid, Minneapolis, Stockholm, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Panama City, Montrèal, New Orleans ... and, now, Baltimore!  

Here's how it works: Think slideshow+potluck=slideluck potshow. Everyone brings an inspired (preferably) homemade potluck appetizer, entree or dessert to share. During dinner, mingle with old friends and make new ones, and explore Gallery Four, Nudashank and other artist-run galleries and event spaces of The H & H Building, 405 West Franklin Street, Baltimore, MD 21201.  Then, we dim the lights and present a vibrant, diverse, multimedia slideshow.
Submit your work for SLIDELUCK POTSHOW Baltimore. The slideshow will feature established and emerging Baltimore-area photographers, photojournalists, and artists along with a selection of international work. Sculptors, painters, designers, and fine-art photographers all present work alongside one another in a relaxed and spirited atmosphere. We currently seek cohesive, creative, and thought-provoking work. Each presenter is allowed 5 minutes. Most presentations are shorter. View and download detailed Submission Guidelines on the Slideluck Potshow Baltimore website here: http://network.slideluckpotshow.com/group/slpsbaltimore.




Creative Alliance's annual gala bash is one of the great parties of the year! Whether you like the Baz Luhrmann version with Nicole Kidman, or the 1952 Huston classic, be inspired by gaudy visions of left bank Paris circa 1880-where sailors and scions slummed it with artists, intellectuals and scantily clad dancing girls. Hey, sounds like The Patterson! Tonight's honorees: BMA Director Doreen Bolger and culture worker Catherine Pancake. Swingin' Swamis w/ jazz singer Felicia Carter have you kickin' your legs. Dress bohemian, burlesque, formal Francais or simply red, but look fabulous! Dinner 7pm, Party 9pm.

Dance Party tickets $35 adv, $30 mbrs, $40 at door. Includes hors d'oeuvres & 2 free drinks!

Dinner tickets $175, table of 10 $2,000. Includes seated dinner, open bar, auction, cabaret and dance party! Call 410-276-1651 for a table.

For Dance Tix & More Info!


I am pleased to announce the emergence of Divergence Fine Art, a unique business venture that connects clients with artists, artists with galleries, and galleries with clients. My mission is to assist, guide, inform, educate, excite and inspire. I will exhibit exceptional artwork every chance I get by curating the occasional show and working closely with local artists, galleries, and non-profit organizations.  Be sure to keep an eye out for Divergence Fine Art showing at a venue near you.

-Cherí Landry